2019 Mini Importation Blueprint


^ Introduction and facts about Mini Importation
^ Profitability of Mini Importation business
^ Disproving wrong assertions that the market is saturated - the market remains evergreen
^ Exposing various viable Mini Importation portals in different countries
^ How to know what is in season - Products Sourcing Technique
^ Case Studies of 2 popular Mini Importation Portals - Aliexpress and 1688.com
^ How to register and activate your account through via email
^ Sourcing of products - Strategical approach to negotiation with sellers for reduced fee
^ Making Payment using - Debit cards and Escrow service


  • Payment
  • Shipping your goods to Nigeria
  • How to shop on 1688
  • Why you should use 1688.com for product sourcing
  • Shipping your goods to Nigeria
  • Need for pictorial evidence
  • Where and how to sell your goods
  • List of Hot Selling Items (Live Examples)
  • How to automate your Mini Importation business


    + Mukabox – who they are and what they do

    + eWarehousing / Drop-off & UK shipping to Nigeria

    + Creating account & subscribing to ewarehousing plan of 1, 3, or 6 months

    + Step by step methods of creating inventories for your products

    + Fulfilling orders & handling Return Issues